Friday, November 3, 2017

moving forward november 2017

life to my simple mind, is not about being rich, famous or even free, it has a singular purpose & aligning myself with this purpose is now my goal.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

wildetecture at youngblood gallery over september 2014

Wildetecture bio
The concept of Wildetecture is not new – however in an African context it is very new to the 3 Wildetect students.  The concept of theoretical art pieces and experimentation of form has permeated the DNA of the Wildetect.  More drama is always more and less is always less.

It’s a fact that the African continent and its flora and fauna and bio diverse eco systems is a very wild place. Untamable , fascinating , vibrant , bold and unapologetic. It has been said that Africa is not for the faint of heart. The Wildetect’s portfolio of work is  paying respects to  this vibrant African energy, this underlying continental strength.

Like our bio diverse habitats , Africa’s and Cape Town’s many cultures are equally full of life and vitality. With many new culinary , artistic and architectural  concepts being forged from old tradition. To pay respects to this underlying  African driving force is the domain of the artist. To create  a catalysts for this wonderful energetic time is  the work of the poet.

The wildetects have been creating a a portfolio of work for many years now. The wildetect work represented at this exhibition is culmination of many hours of conversation. And through that conversation concepts are interpreted individually and forged through mind , heart , hands.  We don’t look for funding , sponsorship or validation for what we do.  The artist must  self-validate and fervently seek an individual language of expression.

It is true that what one wants the most in life,  is most often withheld , until one finds that within oneself.  the Wildetect concept is an exploration of all that has gone before, to find its own  expressive creative language.  A tongue to try make sense of what it is to live in these momentous African times. An artist first and foremost needs to self-validate then  find a medium to express themselves in. Whether it music , dance , architecture , fashion , sketch , painting , sculpture or others. And then passionately go foreward and express their  constantly evolving skills , emotions and thoughts onto the canvas of life. 

This is what , in a very small way , the Wildetects are endeavoring to do.

Warren Hoffman – wildetect 1 of 3
Warrens work is incredibly sensitive and subtle. Which makes his pieces very powerful – as he is able to take a brief and sift through a mountain of information. And then simply capture the very essence of what needs to be expressed.   As a wildetect this abilty is unique – as it is sometimes easier to go bold , wild , crazy – however it is very difficult to achieve all of that  in a subtle understated manner. For his young age he is able to wield the arc light of creative thought with absolute ease. And his pieces speak volumes to his  unique ability.

Dean Hoffman – wildetect 2 of 3
The absolute driving force of the wildetect outfit. Deans energy levels and intensity are off any scale.  Dean combines analytical engineering thinking with creative artistic expression seamlessly. A very rare creative design quality indeed.  He is critical to the success of this wildetect outfit,  by bringing a solid form of creative balance.  His  mastery of practicality combined with creative expression makes his pieces beautiful , workable and command attention on all levels. A very necessary link between 3 creative designers who all approach a design problem differently.

Quinton Damstra – wildetect 3 of 3
Having worked, danced and dabbled in several creative arena’s .  one finds the control  clients , engineers , builders , public,  peers  wield over ones creative expression, very daunting. Wildetecture was always a medium to escape this constant and absolute noise influence .  a violent artistic reaction to this absolute control.  As an artist to express oneself in ones own way – without fear,  is what makes creativity fun and meaningful.  Experimenting with aesthetic form first and foremost is what best describes QJD’s wildetect work.

The wildetects are students of life and any formal education is secondary to the many influences and conversations we have on a daily bases. Which continually mold us powerfully and influence the matrix of wildetect work.  As dean has stated – “anything wild is not necessarily comfortable.”  One would try stroking  a Kalahari lion to understand that statement. And Africas wild highways and byways are a testament to this untamable continent. We do not judge this but seek to express its creative energy as we interpret it.

Monday, May 19, 2014

wildetect 3 of 3 citroen ds - shelf creation

this cotroen ds shelf is not a new wildetect 3 of 3 design - it forms part of the early wildetect furniture inspirations - pre 2009. it is still one of my favorite design concepts that ive done. fusing mechanical sculptural lines - with usable furniture. an experimental wildetect concept.